Underwater City?

Lizzy Corbett

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(Photo Credit via commons.wikimedia.org)

At Lake Lanier Georgia there were cities before the lake. At the bottom of the lake are still to be these towns before they were covered by a lake. The government decided to cover them with a lake rather than demolishing the towns and cities, thus forming Lake Lanier.

Just like Atlantis is said to be a “lost underwater city” this to me is the same concept, except Atlantis was not covered by man but by nature as Lake Lanier is a man made lake covering towns and cities. Solely based on the fact there might be a town under this lake gives me a reason to visit this. Under the water is a mystery, as only a small portion of Earth’s water has been explored, and to find a town under the water would be super cool to see. Of course I would need some sort of diving material depending on how deep the lake is.

After the lake  was created, there were an unusual number of freak accidents and deaths occurring around the lake. As of 2011 there were a number of 17 casualties alone. Most of the casualties bodies have been recovered as drowning incidents. People who have swum in the lake have reported that they feel arms and legs in the water, but there is nothing there. Visitors to the lake started to believe it was the spirits of the town under the lake.

17 deaths at one lake is definitely suspicious. Unfortunately, it is a reality that people drown and have awful incidents,¬† but 17 in one year is definitely sketchy to me. This is definitely a reason I would not want to go alone, but with a group of people. I would make sure I’m a strong swimmer before entering this lake and think twice about it. Would you take a trip to this lake and dare swim in it?