JM Implements New Bell Schedule


(Photo Credit via The Blue Diamond Gallery)

Due to its popularity, the flex period, that was trialed for two weeks, will now be incorporated into the normal school day. The flex period will begin at 7:37am and last until 8:06am every morning. This time is used as a study hall, and as a time for clubs to hold meetings.

With this schedule all periods throughout the day are pushed back, but the school day still ends at 2:47pm. First period will last from 8:09am until 8:50am, second from 8:53am until 9:34am, third from 9:37am until 10:18am, and fourth from 10:21am until 11:02am. Lunch A will last from 11:05am until 11:35am, B lunch from 11:35am until 12:05pm, and C lunch from 12:05 until 12:35pm. Sixth period will last from 12:38pm until 1:19pm, seventh from 1:22pm until 2:03pm and eighth from 2:06pm until 2:47pm.

The benefits of this schedule include that students can now finish any homework due that day, and no students must come early or leave late from school for a club meeting. The school plans on continuing this schedule into the next year, as well.