Jacob Vandivner – Athlete Biography

Hannah Schaum, Contributor

Jacob VanDivner is a senior and a member of the track team.

This is VanDivner’s first year being a member of the track team. He decided to play this season because his friends asked him too, and he really enjoys it.

Some athletes sign up for track for the running, but for the others, they join to do long jump or throw.

“The events I take place in are shuttle, disk throwing, and javelin,” commented Vandivner.

He has a lot of competition out on the track, which is his biggest challenge. The hardest aspect of track, for Vandivner, is trying to beat other schools who have really good participants.

“I like track, but the main thing I like most is being able to spend time with my friends”, said VanDivner.

VanDivner feels most rewarded when placing in an event. He feels like he accomplished something.

“Placing in an event is one of the best feelings ever! I feel accomplished when I place,” said VanDivner.

For anyone thinking about participating in track, Jacob recommends to have fun and work hard.