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  • Google Hangouts have been scheduled for April 7th between 10am - 12pm and April 9 from 12am-2pm.
  • For all scheduled “FIDs Days” teachers will be available via email from 10 am - 2 pm.
  • Flexable Friday's will be for any student who needs to make up their work for the week! The work will be due at 12 A.M.
  • Students are to complete FIDS 12, 13, 14

2014-2015 Staff

Austin DeFrank

Austin DeFrank is a junior and a second year Journalism student. Austin DeFrank is a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Football and Basketball teams. DeFrank likes to hangout and play sports with his friends.

Michael Metz

Michael Metz is a senior and is a second year Journalism student. Michael Metz is a participant in football and track Michael Metz loves playing sports, learning new things, and hanging out with friends and family. He...

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