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  • Senior Award Ceremony is Saturday, May 22nd
  • Last day of school is June 2nd with an early dismissal
  • Graduation is June 2nd at 7 pm in the Auditorium
  • Keystones begin on May 18th through the 25th for Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature

2016-2017 Staff

Staff Member
Makayla McNett See Makayla McNett’s profile
See Makayla McNett’s profile
Tyler Woolen See Tyler Woolen’s profile
See Tyler Woolen’s profile
Madison Kovach See Madison Kovach’s profile
See Madison Kovach’s profile
Gavin Teasdale See Gavin Teasdale’s profile
See Gavin Teasdale’s profile
Savannah Saesan See Savannah Saesan’s profile
See Savannah Saesan’s profile
Michael Ludrosky See Michael Ludrosky’s profile
See Michael Ludrosky’s profile
Karina Taggart See Karina Taggart’s profile
See Karina Taggart’s profile
Megan Pecjak See Megan Pecjak’s profile
See Megan Pecjak’s profile
Cameron Virgin See Cameron Virgin’s profile
See Cameron Virgin’s profile
Zack Gamble See Zack Gamble’s profile
See Zack Gamble’s profile
Gavin Ostrich See Gavin Ostrich’s profile
See Gavin Ostrich’s profile
Armond Jacobs See Armond Jacobs’s profile
See Armond Jacobs’s profile
Hannah Schaum See Hannah Schaum’s profile
See Hannah Schaum’s profile
Brian Rockwell See Brian Rockwell’s profile
See Brian Rockwell’s profile
Matthew Shultz See Matthew Shultz’s profile
See Matthew Shultz’s profile
Tyler Wilson See Tyler Wilson’s profile
See Tyler Wilson’s profile
Sydney Kovach See Sydney Kovach’s profile
See Sydney Kovach’s profile
Julie Kline See Julie Kline’s profile
See Julie Kline’s profile
Erin Johnson See Erin Johnson’s profile
See Erin Johnson’s profile
Mary Wagner See Mary Wagner’s profile
See Mary Wagner’s profile
Emma Frank See Emma Frank’s profile
See Emma Frank’s profile
Jasmine Smitley See Jasmine Smitley ’s profile
See Jasmine Smitley ’s profile
Morgan Spencer See Morgan Spencer’s profile
See Morgan Spencer’s profile
Jared Murray See Jared Murray’s profile
See Jared Murray’s profile
Gwendolyn Stacy See Gwendolyn Stacy’s profile
See Gwendolyn Stacy’s profile
Justin Silbaugh See Justin Silbaugh’s profile
See Justin Silbaugh’s profile
Autumn Tedrow See Autumn Tedrow’s profile
See Autumn Tedrow’s profile
Gavin Teasdale See Gavin Teasdale’s profile
See Gavin Teasdale’s profile
Nicholas Headley See Nicholas Headley’s profile
See Nicholas Headley’s profile
Jacob Van Divner See Jacob Van Divner’s profile
See Jacob Van Divner’s profile
Emily Palone See Emily Palone’s profile
See Emily Palone’s profile
Michael Pochron See Michael Pochron’s profile
See Michael Pochron’s profile
Eli Rafail See Eli Rafail’s profile
See Eli Rafail’s profile
Caroline DePhillips See Caroline DePhillips’s profile
See Caroline DePhillips’s profile
Brooke Weir See Brooke Weir ’s profile
See Brooke Weir ’s profile
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