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  • Senior Award Ceremony is Saturday, May 22nd
  • Last day of school is June 2nd with an early dismissal
  • Graduation is June 2nd at 7 pm in the Auditorium
  • Keystones begin on May 18th through the 25th for Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature

2015-2016 Staff

Staff Member
Makayla McNett See Makayla McNett’s profile
See Makayla McNett’s profile
Tyler Woolen See Tyler Woolen’s profile
See Tyler Woolen’s profile
Kayla Yorko See Kayla Yorko’s profile
See Kayla Yorko’s profile
Kedar Davis See Kedar Davis’s profile
See Kedar Davis’s profile
Janessa Willis See Janessa Willis’s profile
See Janessa Willis’s profile
Carrington Teasdale See Carrington Teasdale’s profile
See Carrington Teasdale’s profile
Cameron Celaschi See Cameron Celaschi’s profile
See Cameron Celaschi’s profile
Shae Bedilion See Shae Bedilion’s profile
See Shae Bedilion’s profile
Jadon O'Neal See Jadon O'Neal’s profile
See Jadon O'Neal’s profile
Braylee Pierce See Braylee Pierce’s profile
See Braylee Pierce’s profile
Ayanna Davis See Ayanna Davis’s profile
See Ayanna Davis’s profile
Nicole Thomas See Nicole Thomas’s profile
See Nicole Thomas’s profile
Kayla Pendland See Kayla Pendland’s profile
See Kayla Pendland’s profile
Adam Tharp See Adam Tharp’s profile
See Adam Tharp’s profile
Devin Stoneking See Devin Stoneking’s profile
See Devin Stoneking’s profile
Brennan Kozich See Brennan Kozich’s profile
See Brennan Kozich’s profile
Dennis Garrett See Dennis Garrett’s profile
See Dennis Garrett’s profile
Madelyn Van Divner See Madelyn Van Divner’s profile
See Madelyn Van Divner’s profile
Morgan Kutek See Morgan Kutek’s profile
See Morgan Kutek’s profile
Kayla Ealy See Kayla Ealy’s profile
See Kayla Ealy’s profile
Dalton Fowler See Dalton Fowler’s profile
See Dalton Fowler’s profile
Kolby Kendall See Kolby Kendall ’s profile
See Kolby Kendall ’s profile
Erin Sullenbarger See Erin Sullenbarger’s profile
See Erin Sullenbarger’s profile
Cory Tretinik See Cory Tretinik’s profile
See Cory Tretinik’s profile
Matthew Haring See Matthew Haring’s profile
See Matthew Haring’s profile
Olivia Lowery See Olivia Lowery’s profile
See Olivia Lowery’s profile
Krista McCartney See Krista McCartney’s profile
See Krista McCartney’s profile
Blaine Cunningham See Blaine Cunningham’s profile
See Blaine Cunningham’s profile
Shanyce Hewitt See Shanyce Hewitt’s profile
See Shanyce Hewitt’s profile
Austin DeFrank See Austin DeFrank’s profile
See Austin DeFrank’s profile
Hayley Palone See Hayley Palone’s profile
See Hayley Palone’s profile
Tristian Wright See Tristian Wright’s profile
See Tristian Wright’s profile
Michael Metz See Michael Metz’s profile
See Michael Metz’s profile
Noah Barno See Noah Barno’s profile
See Noah Barno’s profile
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