Procrastination Problems

Troy Wright

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May 23, 2022
Procrastination Problems

Scientists have discovered that procrastinating anything you do has a negative effect on your life. Procrastinating your work makes it sloppier as you are rushing to get it done instead of giving your best effort. 

Scientists have discovered that procrastination can actually have a negative effect on both your mental and physical health. The mental effect is due to increased stress levels because you are constantly thinking about the work and when it will get done. The physical effect is that recently scientists have found a connection between procrastination and cardiovascular disease. According to the article “Five Reasons Why You Need to Stop Procrastinating”, the study did not prove causality, but it has proven that people who procrastinate usually don’t have control over their lives.”

I personally believe that procrastinating isn’t good for people’s health. I think that my stress levels do increase when I push off my work because then I am always thinking about it. I don´t think that my procrastination is hurting me physically but it can easily have an effect on me mentally. I believe that procrastination can show a lot of signs about people and how they behave. I believe that I do have control over my life even though I procrastinate. 

Another effect of procrastination is sloppy work. If you push something off for so long and wait to do it last minute then you are obviously not giving your best effort. If you don’t procrastinate your work and turn it in on time then you will be prouder of the work you turned in. According to the article “Five Reasons Why You Need to Stop Procrastinating”, no matter how smart you are, procrastination will have a negative impact on your work. 

I think that since I procrastinate  I am not truly not giving my best effort. Since I wait until the last  second to get things done, I am just trying to get it done instead of doing my best work.  I then do not get the best grades because everything I do is not to the best of my ability . If I could start to turn things on time then I will be giving more effort and that would result in better grades.  If I get better grades then I will be overall happier.