New Grade Scale is A+

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Isabelle Tedrow – Contributor

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May 6, 2019

The current grade scale makes earning an A or B difficult.  Right now,  a C on the scale is a 70 -81, a B on the scale is an 82-91, and an A requires a 92-100.  It can be a challenge for students to earn the extra percent or two to bring a grade to a B or an A.

The new grade scale can help students to increase their GPA. For instance, a student with all A’s in class and one 90% or 91% wouldn’t have to worry about a ruined 4.0  The new grade scale rewards students with a 90% with an A.

The grade scale could effect grades quite a bit.  For instance, on honor roll, students could increase their rank from high honors to highest honors.

Having the new grade scale will make Jefferson-Morgan more equal with other schools.  Next school year’s change in the grade scale will be a positive change for all students.