Dangerous Emotions

There are many dangerous emotions that people sometimes do not even notice they have. Sometimes those emotions are expressed dangerously to others and sometimes to themselves. Anger is a very common emotion that people express in many ways. Anger is something that can lead to many problems with their lives. This is dangerous because it can cause many bad things to happen.

Anger is an emotion that can be expressed through many ways. Anger can determine how someone feels and how they react to others. Anger is such a dangerous emotion that it can cause mental problems.  Some of these problems include headache, increased anxiety, insomnia, depression and can even cause a heart attack or stroke.  Anger can also harm someone’s social life. When someone is angry, nobody is going to want to socialize. It puts off a bad feeling towards other people.  Anger is something that most people still struggle with today. They feel as if they have to get angry, and it is hard to control those feelings. Anger causes displeasure and irritation and that is why someone gets angry. When people feel angry, they are most likely annoyed with something that displeases them.  Anger can be something that can be handled. It just takes patience and time. Anger is something that takes time to recover from. Anger is something that should be taken more serious because it is a very dangerous matter.

There are many dangerous things in this world, but anger is one that affects a lot of people. Anger is something that can be controlled and should be taken seriously. Anger should be taken seriously because it is a very strong emotion that can be taken way too far. Regardless the consequences, anger controls lots of people and how they react.