School Decisions

There are many important things to do in school. Although students may not take it so seriously, it is important for many reasons. School is a very serious thing to make sure things are done correctly so that it can help students in their future lives.

It is very important for students to treat school seriously because school is something everyone would like to have to do good in their lives. School takes lots of dedication to be good at. School takes hard work with lots of focus and studying. It also requires taking the responsibility to work well with others. Working with others can sometimes be a big issue for some students because they may not be able to solve their issues with each other and cause verbal and physical fighting with a student.  Then they must have consequences and they may get kicked out of school. It will not look well on any job applications that the student did not finish their years of education. Students should treat school seriously because they may sometimes take it for granted. There are people in this world that do not get the chance to go to school. Taking school seriously not only shows that the student is very mature, it also shows that the student is ready to learn something. That will make the teacher’s job much easier also. It is very important to take school seriously because it helps determine the future for the student.

Students should take school seriously because it is where many people’s memories come from and will give them something to look back on. School should be treated more seriously because some take it for granted. School is a very important matter.