Severed Game Review

Severed Game Review

Austin DeFrank, Editor

Severed is a strange mystery type game. It’s weirdly offset. The caves are shiny and the sun is bright. The thing that makes it seem offset is the scary creatures and red sky. There are a lot of things this game could’ve done to be better. There are some good aspects to the game though.

Severed has good graphics. The game runs smoothly with a 1080p resolution. There’s a lot of pleasing scenes too. The mountains and skies are nice to look at. This game is very pleasing to the eyes.

The controls for Severed are pretty simple. The controls are easy enough for a younger kid to learn them in a short period of time. They don’t really lack anything either, they just make the game easier to play. This leaves the younger players playing without many complications.

Severed is a fun game to play. There are a lot of adventurous areas to explore. This game could leave some people playing for hours. Even when playing this game time tends to fly faster than it feels as if it normally would. This game is a great time killer.

Severed is an alright game. The negatives weren’t really discussed because this game seems underrated due to the few minor downfalls. Nothing major is wrong with it. This game can be enjoyed if you play for the fun of it rather than playing with 100% seriousness. Severed was rated 6.4/10 by IGN.