My Interest in the Presidential Campaign

Madelyn Van Divner

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Babies On the Way
July 18, 2016

Being at the age of 15 is complicated because I do not really know how to feel about a lot of things. Take the presidential campaign for example, I am not very interested in the presidential campaign because there is not really anything that I can do about it right now. I realize that I can have my own opinion, but what can I really do for the campaign?

One reason I do not care for the presidential campaign is that I do not really have a say in what happens. I know that when I am old enough I will be able to vote, but my vote is just one amongst billions. The odds of my vote really counting are very slim.

Another reason I do not care for the presidential campaign is what can I do about it  right now? Sure I can go around telling a bunch of adults who to vote for and why, but who is really going to listen to a 15 year old kid when they say our generation is terrible.

I mean I do care who is elected, but only to the point of if they are right for the job or not. The only reason that I would know about this is that I listen to what other people have to say .