Broken Friendships

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Usually the worst breakups are friendship breakups. It is always very upsetting when a friendship ends. Friendship breakups happen all of the time. Nobody would genuinely want to end a friendship if they did not have to. Sometimes it is a surprise to one or both of the friends, and other times it is easy to see it coming. Sometimes the end of friendship happens with one being dishonest to the other, possibly the two had a falling out and one knows the friendship will never be the same. Being with another person for a long period of time, it will hurt to just stop talking to them all together.

When friends are no longer friends, sometimes it is becomes difficult to go through their usual activities without the other. Friends will make a huge impact on the others life, either in a negative way or positive. Friendships are a huge part of anyone’s life. Every friendship needs energy and happiness to keep it going. If the friendship has been on a downward spiral for a long time, it will most likely end quietly and slowly on its own.

In the middle of the breakup, usually both are upset and will just be rude to eachother or just not want to speak towards them at all anymore. If the friend has not done anything specific to specifically mention a breakup, then a natural end is the least hurtful way to move on.

Losing a friend or a close friend is something almost everyone will go through. It hurts, but everything happens for a reason. Possibly that one friend was not good for the other or they were just generally a trouble starter. Everyone will have a different experience with a friendship breakup but no matter what, they are usually very difficult to get over.