Why Reading and Writing Reduces Stress


(Photo Credit via Flickr)

Both reading and writing are proven to reduce stress and create a better mental state. There is nothing more stress relieving than being so caught up in a book that you cannot stop reading. Because of my love for books, I have also grown to love writing. I love writing stories of my own, poems, and anything I can think of.

Journaling about traumatic or stressful events can help people decompress and feel less stressed about whatever is going on in life. With so many worries and responsibilities, sometimes it can feel really good to just take all that is on someones mind, and transfer it to paper. Even the smallest inconveniences and events can take a toll on someones day, and it is good to get those negative things put away before the start of a new day.

Fiction books have always been an amazing stress reliever to some people. Fiction can help a person take themselves and be put into an entirely different reality. When a good book has the ability of making your mind delve deep into its words, it is like a small vacation.

Reading and writing have many benefits such as, mental stimulation, expanded vocabulary, improved memory, and improved concentration. Everyone should read and write through their daily lives, but these can help especially stressed individuals take weight off their shoulders.