The Scariest Thing about the NFL

Brandon Lawrence

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The Scariest Thing about the NFL

The Jets are possibly the scariest team in the league. Not for stunning performances on the field or miraculous wins pulled out of seemingly nowhere, but rather for a more sad reason. The Jets are the worst show on turf, and their pestilence spreads to other portions of the league. The fact they hold so much power over how the career of players turns out is rather unsettling.

Trevor Lawrence, starting quarterback for the Clemson Tigers, is in their deathly gaze this upcoming draft. The quarterback who led the charge on two straight playoff berths touts a record of 29-1 with his only loss against the LSU Tigers and Heisman winner Joe Burrow. Lawrence has put up record-breaking numbers and is what some consider to be a generational talent. He is a highly sought after the draft pick, and many believe that he will be a first-rounder and possibly a first overall pick.

If he goes to the right team, his potential is unlimited, and I believe that he is a generational talent. If the Jets have their way, he will fade into mediocrity and have the same sad fate, Sam Darnold. The Jets cannot capitalize on the talent they draft or trade for, so any player sent there knows it’s like the big farm in the upstate that old dogs get sent to. 

It is so bad that he is even considering not going out for the draft at all. He would rather stay at Clemson and play another college ball season than go to the depressing New York Jets franchise. He would be giving up a multimillion-dollar contract, so he does not have to go to New York.