Its Time To Put An End To Climate Change

Devin Villarreal

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Global climate change has been a big issue in the world for the past few years, and it is getting worse everyday. Global temperatures are rising and melting the icecaps causing a rise in the sea level. The main cause of this global climate change is human interaction with the environment.

Green House gases which are the main cause of global climate change are caused by human emissions. These green house gases contain a lot of carbon dioxide or CO2. This damages our ozone layer allowing more UV sunlight through our atmosphere causing the earth to rise in temperature. We as humans need to stop this situation very soon or else it can go very bad for the world.

This topic is now involved in politics when is should not be at all. Political parties make this topic seem fake and unreal causing citizens from all parts of the world to be misinformed. Governments should shed more light on this topic and try to help the issue rather than making it a political standpoint. In the U.S., we have made some good decisions involving climate change. When buying electrical power cars and solar panels, people get a endorsement of money for buying that certain item. In bigger cities such as New York City and Los Angeles they will require everyone to have electric cars by 2035. These all help due to less car emissions, and it discourages using fossil fuels to power certain vehicles or machinery.

All of us can do our part, even if it is small, to help the earth in this fight against climate change. Buying an electric car, planting that extra tree, or even taking public transportation helps even if it seems so small. If everyone works together we can beat climate change.