Upset Weekend and Divisional Weekend

Devin Villarreal

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This past NFL playoff week was full of surprises as many upsets occurred. The Jacksonville Jaguars faced the Los Angeles Chargers last Saturday and it seemed as though the Chargers were going to take it home. They were up 27-0 after the first half and everyone thought the game was over. After the half the Jaguars played an amazing offensive rush to the endzone making it 27-28 Jaguars. Then, the Chargers made a field goal making it 30-28 them. The Jaguars once again made a rush down field and only had seconds left to make a field goal. The kicker made it and the whole stadium went wild. This comeback is now the 3rd best comeback in NFL playoff history.

In Minnesota the Vikings were up against the Giants who were the underdogs as their record was not as great. People were sure the Vikings would win, but they have seen some games in the regular season where they almost give up games to these worse teams. The Giants ended up winning 31-24 shocking fans on both of the teams even though this was expected from some. The San Francisco 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks as well by a landslide of a score of 41-23. Then, the Dallas Cowboys took the win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a score of 31-14. Next, the Cincinnati Bengals took a win over a rival which was the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 24-17. Finally, the Buffalo Bills almost lost to the Miami Dolphins, but secured the win with a field goal making the final score 34-31.

This next weekend the match ups are set with the Jaguars vs. The Chiefs, the Giants vs. the Eagles, the Bengals vs. the Bills, and the Cowboys vs. the 49ers. Many say some of these teams are obvious winners of their games, but after last week these games can go anywhere and lead four teams to the NFC and AFC championships.