Valentine’s Boxes Are Still A Thing…I Think?

(Photo Credit via iStock)

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(Photo Credit via iStock)

One common tradition of Valentine’s Day, and particularly celebrated among kids, is bringing a Valentine’s box into school and passing out candy to classmates.

The last time I remember doing this was in second or third grade, but we would all decorate a box for Valentine’s Day and bring it in on the day of. And by “we” I mean mom; no eight-year-old is actually designing their Valentine’s box. If they do, it probably looks a mess. Everyone would pass out candy or other treats to their classmates and would receive some from their classmates in return. It’s a fun activity for the students and helps them interact with one another. Some students had brought boxes like piggy banks where the candy goes in the slot. Others have brought in boxes that mimic hot air balloons, sharks, video game/movie characters, etc. These boxes can be crafted from shoe boxes, tissue boxes, regular cardboard boxes, and much more! The main question is if they still make the kids do this, or is everything virtual nowadays?

But the creativity is up to the kids; it’s a great activity that all students have fun doing and get to receive candy and treats in return!