Carly Morris

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

Carly Morris is a Junior and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan track team.

Carly likes to stay in shape during the off season of track. “I like to jog up and down the roads near my house to stay in shape. I just do it in my free time. I also do it during the track season sometimes for extra conditioning.” Carly loves running and staying in shape.

Carly participates in the 4X4 100m relay, 400m run and 100m hurdles.  This is Carly’s first year of track.  She likes track because it keeps her in shape and likes to run.

Though this is Carly’s first year participating in track, she sees herself participating after high school. “I think I’ll try to do track after high school. Track is something I love and I think it’ll be fun to do. I know it’ll be more competitive and I look forward to that.”

Carly’s hopes for the team is to beat personal records and have fun. She likes going against Waynesburg’s track team because they’re pretty good. She likes challenging opponents and is looking forward to next year’s track season because it’ll be her last in high school. She is going to continue to condition during the off season for the next.