Nick Teegarden – Athlete Biography

Brennan Kozich

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Nick Teegarden is a senior and has participates in the track team.

Teegarden does the 100 meter, 200 meter and the 4 x 100 meter relay.

Teegarden was asked what his favorite part of track was and he said “Competing against other schools and running for first place.”

Teegarden participates in tack to stay in shape and compete , he has participated for four years.

When asked what Teegarden dislikes about track he said “Running distances further than what I do in my events.”

Teegarden also learned that you should not sprint to fast in practice because you will get tired.

Teegarden was asked if you have any advice for another younger student what would it be and he said “Be ready to run because track is not easy as you think it is.”

In conclusion Teegarden enjoys track and he loves to run. He enjoys being with his team and winning events.