Throughout high school, many different students go through many different experiences that others may comment on or criticize.  These people who decide to say something about another student’s situation don’t fully know what the person has been through or what the reasoning behind what happened and they should maybe take a look at the experience through the other person’s shoes.

Popularity and reputation are big things in high school.  They dictate who and what is accepted as the norm throughout the entire school.  Whatever these “popular” students say or do is usually accepted.  However the same thing isn’t always said about individuals who are considered less popular to the majority of the school.  Their actions may be put down or belittled because they aren’t what most people do.  The people who put down the actions or situations of others need to look at it from the other side instead of just putting them down.  First of all the interests of everyone should be respected by all because that’s what they enjoy to do.  For the situations aspect, the people who make comments about other’s situations don’t know exactly what they are going though.  It’s important for people to look at it through the perspective of the person they are talking about.  If they aren’t going to do that or at least try to find out more about the situation, then they have no room to talk.  Another thing people complain about is sports.  The student fans often comment on the player’s abilities, while they have never done it themselves.  Maybe they should see how difficult and unpredictable sports can be and see if they match up to the people they talk about.

People who decide to talk bad about other people should really think about being that person’s shoes.  If they haven’t experienced what that person is feeling, then there is no need to talk about that person’s situation.