Students Need a Study Hall

If I could change something about my school, I would change the school’s bell schedule so that everyone could have a study hall period. Students go home each day with sports, work and other activities. Some students try to find time after class to get their homework done so they would not have to stay up all night. Homework gives some students stress even after work or a tough loss at a sports game; There are students who stay up really late then do not have time to get the sleep they need for school the next day, which causes them to sleep in class to get their sleep schedule back on track by doing so they miss the important stuff in class. It would be great idea for the school to have an extra period where students can work on their homework there is even a teacher in the class room who can help and make sure that the student understands and if not give them the extra help that the student needs. The extra period would take a lot of stress of the students who stay up all night after work or a school activity. Every student would probably appreciate the extra time in school and give time for the students to catch up on school work they have missed that week or projects that are due that they need school resources for ad make it a lot more efficient in school and more free time at home.