Goals and Events I am looking forward

A goal that I have set for myself in the new year is to take my permit test and pass it.

I set this as one of my goals because I have been studying for a very long time and now that I have turned sixteen I feel very ready to take it. I also want to start driving now so by the time i’m seventeen I will be able to drive by myself I have always looked for 2016 mainly for this reason and I am very excited to take it March. Every since I was ten years old I have always been waiting for the year that I will start driving, and since the year is almost here I am ready for it

Another event I am also looking forward in the new year is seeing my brother leave for the military. I look forward to this because I love my brother and I want to be able to see him go off and make something of himself. I am pretty sure he wants to leave already I will miss having him home everyday with me and he is really the one brother I can actually talk to without getting yelled at. I will also be looking forward to him graduating his training and having him home for a while .