Do The Dew


Mountain Dew is an extremely popular product in America. It is a beverage dear to the heart of America.

Mountain Dew is the one pop in America that almost everyone loves. It is sold everywhere you can think of. Restaurants, stores, ball games, usually at events, and it is a top vending machine item. You can combine this drink with pretty much anything you eat, as it goes with many meals at restaurants.

This pop is probably the most common and popular drink behind Coke. Classic Coca-Cola seems to be the number 1 seller in America. Since no one likes Pepsi, the choice is usually between Coke or Mountain Dew. Theses pops are popular and they may POP UP near you! This drink is meant for everyone of all ages. It is also a product of the Pepsi-Cola Company.

Some pros of this pop include the refreshing and sweet taste to it. Many people drink this pop while working in heat to cool themselves off. MD is refreshing and will definitely make you feel better if you are thirsty, and it’ll cool your body somewhat if you are hot and working. This pop is several people’s go-to drink if they are hot and thirsty and in need of refreshment. Here’s where the cons come in. While many people drink this after doing work in heat as an attempt to refresh themselves and cool down, which works, it is not good to do. Water is always the better way to go to cool your body down when heated up. Pop, including Mountain Dew, could make your stomach start to ache if you drink it while hot or short of breath from being worn out. It’s also worth mentioning that many pops such as MD will cause headaches if too much is consumed, or if it is the only thing your body is running off of. Feed yourself first, then drink as much pop as you want. Eat and drink wisely.

This product is fairly cheap depending on where you buy it and the quantity that you buy. For example, the average price of a single bottle of MD is around $1.00 – $3.50. Some places such as gas stations may be a bit higher. A twelve pack of MD is approximately $5.00 – $8.00. A twenty-four pack is usually around $12. This is the average price of each type of MD.

Based on what you just read, you would be a fool to not at least try this pop. Once again, it is a top seller, and 100% worth the purchase. Don’t let yourself down, and do the Dew!