Justin Maddich – Athlete Biography

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Hannah Schaum

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Justin Maddich is a sophomore and a member of the baseball team.

This is Maddich’s ninth year playing baseball. He decided to play this season because he really enjoys playing baseball.

Just like any other sport, baseball has its hard aspects. “One of the hardest aspects in baseball would be batting because of the hand eye coordination and focus.”

Maddich plays left field and enjoys playing this position. He states his biggest accomplishment is getting playing time during a game.

“The best advice I would give to someone who wants to play baseball is stay focused, make sure to come to practices because we always learn something new and to have fun. Baseball is meant to have fun,” Maddich says. “My biggest goal for the season is to get 5 RBI’s.”

For any future plans with baseball, Maddich says he might play in college but he does not know yet.