Hispanic Dance in Pittsburgh

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Tyler Woolen

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On November 3, the Foreign Language Club will have a field trip. The field trip will be to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We will be going to a stage up in Pittsburgh to watch cultural dancers. What students will do, is watch the dances and go out to eat afterwards.

When the bus gets to Pittsburgh, it will drive to a stage with the dancers, and the club will watch cultural dances that everyone will learn about. The teachers will teach everyone a little bit about the dances and what they mean. They will also teach students about the language. There will be two different Hispanic dances that students will see.

When the dances are done, students will walk around the city a little bit. Like the last field trip in the club, everyone will stick together and walk around a bit. After looking at the sights and scenery of Pittsburgh, everyone will head to the bus.

Everyone will be on the bus then the bus driver will drive to a Hispanic restaurant, Old Mexico, for lunch. When ordering lunch, sometimes students will try and understand the waiters or waitresses speaking Spanish.