Halloween Alternative

Hayley Palone, Contributor

Switching candy to fruit is a bad idea because Halloween is the only time of the year that kids can get as much candy as they want.

In Hewitt’s opinion, “Halloween is the only holiday that kids get enough candy to satisfy them.” So basically she agrees that getting anything else besides candy on Halloween is a bad idea. The joy on the kids’ faces when they receive candy is priceless. It is just full of joy and happiness. Halloween is a day where the kids can enjoy themselves and get so much candy that they want.

Being little and going trick or treating was the best. The best part about the whole thing was dressing up in a costume and receiving all that candy. The most disappointing part was not getting candy; it was getting fruits or pop and things like that. Halloween is a day of getting candy not getting things that are healthy. It pretty much ruins the night getting something else other than candy.

Emily Palone also agrees with my statement. She said, “Who would want anything else other than candy”. Honestly who couldn’t agree with that? She believes there is no point in trick or tricking if you can only get fruit and what not. Halloween is the only time teens or even kids can go crazy and go out of control with all the candy.

Taking candy away is just a bad idea. There is no need in replacing candy with anything else, no one would be happy about that.