Midterm or Project?

Hayley Palone, Contributor

Doing a project is a lot easier than taking a midterm test. When taking a midterm test the students have to cram in studying and trying to take all these notes weeks before the test. Some students feel pressured taking a test. Other students also will study so much but when it is time to take the test they forget everything. A lot of students get overwhelmed or stressed out because they are so worried how the outcome turns out. Midterm test just seem like they never end, that there is constantly more problems or writing assignments after another. It’s honestly such a relief when the tests get finished but so stressful waiting for the results. Doing a midterm project is so much easier due to the fact that you can actually get help on it. You can use so many sources that you can use during a midterm test. Even your friends or parents can help you out if needed. The projects usually have a due date so there is plenty of time getting them done. The pros of having a midterm project is you can get them done so much earlier and not have to worry about it anymore. Overall no matter what it is the students will stress over it until it’s done. Midterm projects are such so much simpler than midterm tests.