Love takes many forms

Hayley Palone, Contributor

What is the difference between loving a person and loving a thing or activity? Well there is actually a big difference between loving a person or a thing. When someone loves a person they can show affection to that person. Loving someone can lead to so many great things, it can lead to marrying someone or officially calling them your girlfriend or boyfriend. By the person loving someone you can share almost everything to them.  When it comes to loving a thing or activity you can’t really love it like real love. You can’t show what the thing you love affection or explain to it why you love it. But with a person you can explain everything you love about them. That goes with loving an activity to, you can love doing basketball or cheerleading but it’s a completely different kind of love and passion you have for it. There are different kinds of love. There’s a love you have for sports or an artist. Then there’s a love to a person where you just love them for who they are and you just explain the feeling you have. Pretty much it comes down to it that loving a person is such deeper love then loving a thing or an activity but it depends on what your perspective is about it.