Katrina Schmolke – Athlete Biography

Austin DeFrank, Editor

Katrina Schmolke is a sophomore and a cheerleader for the cheerleading squad.

Katrina’s favorite time to cheer is at home games. “Home games make me more excited. There are a lot of fans that cheer with us. The players are more into the game at home games as well. Home games are the best in my opinion.”

Schmolke has been a cheerleader since she was in third grade. She started participating in the sport because her mother was a cheerleader.

Katrina’s inspiration to cheer is her friends and family. “My friends and family encourage me to do better. If it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t be as good at cheering as I am now. They really help me out with my confidence. Having friends and family that encourage me to do better and support me is a great feeling.”

Katrina has two more years left of high school cheerleading. She is unsure as to whether she would continue to cheer after high school.