Neveah Dudas – Athlete Biography

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    Liam Ankrom

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    Football Frenzy
    November 13, 2019

    Neveah Dudas is a sophomore and a member of the Volleyball team.

    Dudas is number 10 for the volleyball team. “I picked number 10 because my friends Anna and Madison are number 9 and 10,” said Dudas.

    Dudas has two prior years of experience under her belt. In her third year, Dudas takes on the very important role as the teams setter.

    “My job as the setter is I get the second ball and set it to the hitter,” said Dudas.

    Playing for a numerous amount of years and liking the sport most athletes have a driving force or a motive, but Dudas is motivated by the simple things in the game.

    “My motivation to play is winning because that means I did my part successfully to make sure my teammates can do their part,” said Dudas.

    Dudas hopes to finish the remainder of the season strongly and winning with her team mates to stay motivated.