Pass Class, Text Last

    Kyra Smitley


    Phones should be prohibited in school classrooms until the teacher is done with class and allows the students to take them back. 


    This problem is distracting for reasons such as not paying attention, and getting behind on school work. Students use their phones while the teachers talk and teach lessons. Giving students “time to do their homework” is also when they tend to not use their time wisely and get on their electronic. Getting behind on school work is caused by not paying attention and not working during class. If students don’t listen and go along with the teacher on the work, students  get behind by not even trying. 


    This problem can be resolved by taking the phones when students first step into the classroom. Taking and keeping them until the teachers feel as if they are done with class, then the students have no other choice besides paying attention. It would also have an impact on the student’s grades and class participation.