SADD Gives Grim Reaper Day One Last Chance


(Photo credit via Wiki Commons)

Grim Reaper Day is a Jefferson-Morgan tradition in which on the Friday before prom, made up distracted driving scenarios are announced on the loud speaker, which usually end up with car accidents and death, to show the seriousness of unsafe driving. Scenarios range from many distracted driving actions, such as drinking and driving, smoking, being on their phones, or not paying attention to the road.

After someone is announced, they are given a tear drop on their face by the Grim Reaper and must remain silent for the rest of the day, as if they have truly died.¬†Every year though, students do not take this day seriously. Students often continue to speak after being given the tear drop, or even some say things such as “I hope I die this year.”

The purpose of the school and the SADD organization conducting this day is to show everyone the dangerous effects of distracted driving. This year could be the last year for this day of not taken seriously. SADD is asking that everyone be serious on this day, meaning they do not speak to anyone once given the tear drop, and to not wish to be announce.

All further information on this day was emailed to all students by Mr. Robinson. This is our last chance to maintain Grim Reaper Day in further years, so the administration and SADD alike are asking that everyone please use this day as a serious life lesson, instead of a game.