Perspective Matters

Imagine if in court the judge and jury only listen to one side of the story and do not give the defense a chance to prove their case. Luckily, the legal system is not in anyway like this, though many people attempt to solve their problems just like this every day. A respectful person should always listen to both sides of any situation before jumping to a conclusion or making a decision. If someone chooses to try and ‘solve’ their problems like this it could lead to even more issues and worsen the current situation.

In order to have a healthy and happy relationship with two or more people all must listen and try to understand each other’s opinion because if not this could cause tension and arguments. There are certain types of people who feel that things should be done their way. They often find themselves alone and unhappy. They are either unhappy or they are making another person unhappy. People judge others based on these preconceived ideas and assumptions. There is no way to have a happy and healthy relationship if both partners cannot come together and make a decision or even hear the others opinion and attempt to understand.

Not only in relationships, but listening to others in government issues could also help our world become happier all around. If all nations around the world would begin to listen and understand one another we might be able to move closer to world peace and happiness. It would not only positively affect our country, but the whole world could be happy.

When someone understands another and lets them know it can make a huge amount of difference. Being understood can not only make someone happy, but boost their confidence. People just want to feel understood and heard.