Gage Clark – Athlete Biography

    Dennis Garrett

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    Gage Clark is a junior and a member of the baseball team

    Gage has always loved to play the sport, and always gave his all when he performed.

    “I play for the love of the game, and the possibility of making it to the next level. Possibly the NCAA,” said Gage.

    Just about every baseball player has someone they look up to as a source of inspiration.  

    “Francisco Liriano because to me, he is the best left handed pitcher that i have ever seen,” said Gage.

    Gage has been playing baseball for twelve years.  During that time, he has picked up the skills necessary to play five positions on the field.

    Gage has had some great moments in his baseball career and he plans to make even more memories.

    “Pitching my first ever complete game in high school, and my first high school no-hitter,” said Gage

    Gage predicts the team is going to do well this year.

    “We are going to have a better record, and have a good run to playoffs,” said Gage.