Kaitlin Wood – Athlete Biography

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    Tyler Woolen

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    Kaitlin Wood is a junior and a member of the cheer squad.

    Wood has been cheering  since her tenth grade year.

    “The best thing about cheer would have to be the home games. I love the friday nights at our field,” Wood said.

    Wood likes cheering for football more than basketball.

    When Wood was asked if she would rather cheer at home or away games, Wood answered, “I definitely love home games more than all of the others but if I really enjoy cheering at new fields.”

    One of Woods most memorable moments in cheer would be riding the bus to Union. Union is around two and a half hours away and she loves being with her teammates on the bus.

    “I really like how I am improving with cheer, that’s one of my favorites. I also love my squad and being with them.” .

    Wood said that a cheerleader to her is someone who is dedicated to the sport and someone who loves what they do.