Allie Royer – Athlete Biography

    Tyler Woolen

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    Allie Royer is a junior a member of the softball team.

    Royer has been playing for only one year and her position is the right outfielder.

    “The start of the season, I wasn’t doing too well. As the season progressed, I began to feel more comfortable so now I think it should go better,” Royer explained.

    Royer does not want a scholarship in softball but she would play after high school.

    “If I could change my position, I would just stay in the same area as I do now. I like being in the outfield, all of the balls are hit out here so it gives me a lot to do and I feel suited here also,” Royer said.

    Royer enjoys playing softball and believes she will continue to play.

    “I enjoy batting a little bit more than being in the field. It gives me a rush and gets me excited,” Royer  stated.

    Royer gets along with everyone on her team so it makes her experience better.

    “My favorite memory this season would be all of the jokes about me being hit in the head four times during practices! It’s just a funny thing to remember.”