Andrew Vessels – Athlete Biography

    Andrew Vessels is a freshman and a member of the varsity football team.

    As a one year team member, Vessels has just started his brand new adventure on the football team. He has played football for a total of four years. His position on the football team is defensive tackle. This position requires intense strength and quickness. Vessels main goal for this year is to win more games, and to get closer and get along with his teammates.

    “My main goal is to get more wins and to get along with my teammates,” Vessels said.

    Being a freshman and first time player, Andrew doesn’t have much experience with high school, so before each game he thinks about how he needs to perform, and what he needs to do to help out his teammates during the game.

    “Before each game, I think about what I have to do in the game to help out my teammates,” said Vessels.

    Vessels said the main difference between middle school and high school football is the age and strength differences.

    “The difference that really makes it different is the age and strength,” said Vessels. “I’m not going against kids my age or younger. I’m going up against seventeen and eighteen year old kids at fourteen,” added Vessels.

    Vessels is excited to continuing playing football throughout his high school years and to get better at his position too.