Nicholas Snyder – Athlete Biography

    Nicholas Snyder is a freshman and a member of the varsity football team.

    As a four-year team member, Snyder has many huge accomplishments on the football team. He has worked hard for a couple years for his position as lineman. His position as lineman requires strength for blocks and tackles. As he continues to work hard in football, he hopes to letter.

    “Playing in football has its ups and downs. Everyday is something different,” said Snyder. “I look forward to Homecoming. Its something new and exciting because it plays a big part in the Jefferson-Morgan School District. It is going to be lit.”

    Being a freshman and four-year member means Snyder has experience in his pursuit of a football career. Being Snyder is a freshman and a first year varsity football member means he has just went through the transition of elementary football, so he could tell the upcoming seventh-graders how different high school is from elementary.

    “High school and elementary aren’t very different. The best part will always be getting to hang with my friends,” Snyder said.

    Snyder and the rest of the team are looking forward to the wins they will achieve this year.

    “The team is good. We are going to get better. Get ready for homecoming, we are going all out,” Snyder said.

    Snyder looks forward to playing with his team, and getting to be a new member of the high school team. For all his fellow freshmen Rockets, “Get ready, we are blasting off.”