Jillian Katruska – Athlete Biography

    Andrew Vessels

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    March 23, 2020

    Jillian Katruska is a freshman and a member of the volleyball team.

    As a freshman, Katruska is planning on having many accomplishments on the volleyball team. She had to work hard to get back row and outside hitter for her team. She wants to work on hitting the weak side so she can get better it.

    “Hitting weak side is one of my weaknesses that I would love to work on,” Katruska¬† said.

    Jillian wears the number 22 on the court for her team. Her inspiration for playing is her mother. She thinks that the season is going pretty good this year.

    “I’m excited for this year because I get to meet and play with all new team members.”

    Jillian’s favorite games are home games because all the students are very supportive of their team.

    “I would have to go with home as my favorite because everyone is supportive of everything we do no matter how good or bad we do.”

    Katruska is looking forward to this year with all the new teammates and is ready to learn new things.