Ayden Pratt – Athlete Biography

    Maci Marion

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    Ayden Pratt is a Senior and a member of the golf team.

    As a one year member of the golf team, Pratt golfs in group six.

    “I need to learn to drive the ball, so I can be a stud like Kyle Clayton,” said Pratt.

    Being Pratts first year means he has leaned quite a bit and has some words of wisdom for the underclassmen and newcomers.

    “Never get frustrated just keep calm and golf on,” said Pratt.

    Pratt enjoys golfing at Chippewa golf course.

    “My favorite course to golf at is Chippewa because it is very easy compared to everywhere else.” said Pratt.

    Pratt looks forward to golfing with his teammates for the rest of the season. He wishes the best of luck to any new members and the rest of his teammates in their ongoing years.