Should Teens Trick or Treat?

Are teenagers to old to carve pumpkins or go trick or treat.

Well it is ok to still carve pumpkins to put out for the little kids who still trick or treat but not to trick or treat yourself. Once you reach or pass the age of 13 or higher you should’ve looked past trick or treat. It should be a well remember experience with your friend and or parent.

It is a thing children do and a thing at only children should do. It would look bad if a middle age man would be walking around in a costume taking candy from other middle aged parents.It should feel the same why when a teenager is also taking part within this holiday because they themselves are on the bank of adulthood.

Also the teenagers should be setting up the holiday. Be the ones getting candy ready to hand out to the children and get to fill how happy it would make the parents to give them candy when they were children. It would honestly be better doing it that way anyways because then you get to have the left over candy if that’s way you would want to trick or treat in the first place. The last reason teenagers shouldn’t trick or treat would be that the children would get nervous about trick or treating with the bigger kids surrounding them.

It can be a scary site when you’re really tiny and you couldn’t even be seen in a crowd of bigger kids if your parent lost you.