My Good Grades

Something good that happened in 2017 for me is getting high honors for the first nine weeks. This is something good for me because last year didn’t start off the best. I didn’t even get honers the first nine weeks but this year I started off with even better than honers! I received high honors which makes me and my parents very proud. This will also hopefully make it easier in the future to get the job I’ve been working toward. If I start getting nothing but high honers starting now it will look good for colleges and hopefully help me get some attention from some well known collages that support the major of accounting. That is something good that happened to me during 2017.

Now for what I would like to see happen in 2018 is for me to push for highest honers. It is not an easy task but I think if I put my mind toward it I could accomplish it. It would make me feel more confident in getting the job I want if I am able to get the best grades possible, because if I could accomplish that the employers that look to hire me will see I do the best at everything I do. That is what I would like to see happen in 2018.