Reasons to be Thankful

One thing to be thankful for this year is how long we got to enjoy the warm air outside. It seemed to last longer this year and that is great because a good amount of people like the warmth. Another thing to be thankful this year would be all the new friends anyone has found. Even if everyone got one new friend this year it would be something to be thankful for because it isn’t always easy to find a new friend. Its also good to be thankful for because at least they got one more friend than they had before. Another thing to be thankful for is all the new lessons our teachers took the time to teach us.

We will most likely need to use it in the future and it is great that every teacher passes down their knowledge to prepare us for the future even if it might be hard sometimes. Its also good to be thankful for our safety that we still have not lost. We should be very thankful for this because there are both men and women out there right now ensuring that we can have that safety. Don’t ever let that slip your mind and also never forget to be thankful. It is a great thing they are doing at there and it would be great if everyone would keep being thankful for it. These are a few of the things that everyone should be very thankful this year.