Winter Sports

Madison Kovach

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As fall sports end, every student, athlete, parent, and teacher welcomes winter sports. Jefferson-Morgan School District offers sports options to students such as rife, boys basketball, girls basketball, and wrestling. Jefferson-Morgan also offers winter sports for their middle school student such as girls volleyball and boys basketball.

“I’ve been wrestling since 2010, so this year is my seventh year. I started the sport because I was watching WWE and it made me want to try it,” said senior wrestler Gavin Teasdale. “Since then, I’ve been able to letter for three years and I’m gonna continue my career of wrestling at PSU. JM got my career started and my advice for younger kids wanting to try it is that they should because we have great coaches and they can get you where ever you want.”

Any student is welcome to join whichever team they find interest in; teams are always looking for new players. Each season starts off with open gyms and physicals, then the real hard work starts. To find more information about open gyms and practices contact the Sport’s Director Mr. Moore or the coach of said sport.

Sophomore varsity basketball member Elijah Saesan said, “I’ve been playing basketball since seventh grade, and I enjoy it being in the winter time. It gives me something to do other than homework and video games, since my work load seems to start to double up during the winter time.”

Schedules are posted on Outcome of games and matches are updated regularly.

Make sure to check your email and pay attention to announcements for changes or any news for winter sports!