Why The Xbox One S Is a Good Product for You

Andrew Vessels

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March 23, 2020

(Photo Credit Via Wikimedia Commons

The Xbox One S  is a gaming console that it is used for gaming and getting together with friends on an online world.

The Xbox One S was made for entertainment and to enhance gaming for kids, teens, and adults . The Xbox One S is targeted for people of all ages and will keep people wanting to play due to its new and updated pix-elation and sound system. 

The Xbox One S has some positives like how it is very easy to setup and longer battery life even with bad batteries and the graphic design on games is better. There are some cons to it like the download speed is worse and loading games up is much slower.

The Xbox One S is sold in multiple stores such as Walmart and Game Stop, but can also be bought online VIA Xbox’s website. The price of a brand new one can cost up to $249 for one brand new.

The product will last a long time and it is not too expensive compared to newer products and the product can keep all things you have bought so its worth the money in the long run.