(Photo Credit Via Pixabay Under Creative Commons License)

(Photo Credit Via Pixabay Under Creative Commons License)

The Xbox app is an app that can do many things it is basically your Xbox on your phone. The first thing you do is download it then you can either login or create a new account but if you log in it loads everything from the Xbox onto your phone.

The purpose for this app is so that you can see what friends are doing online without an Xbox on or while you are on the go. On this app you can also join another players party to talk to themĀ  and you can also watch clips and replays of your game play. So basically you can do everything on the app that you would do on Xbox besides play games.

There are many great things about an Xbox app is you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a mic or something for Xbox because then you can get on the app and talk to friends on it. Also if you want to show friends your game play or something you can do it from your phone.

The negative about this app is one because if you use it to talk to friends the mic quality isn’t very good. Also sometimes it is a little bit slow and doesn’t run very fast. And last the only other problem is if you don’t play Xbox then the app can be a little hard to figure out because it isn’t very direct.

All together this app is very good and highly recommended if you play Xbox. And the only way that this app could be improved is if they fixed the way the mic sounded and be a little more direct on how to use it.