Making It More Efficient

Scheduling online has made the scheduling much easier and more efficient for students to do. Scheduling online saves time for both students and teachers alike. Instead of taking a long time scheduling and students getting confused over different classes and what they offer, students are bale to schedule and learn about each class with the click of a button. Scheduling online is also more efficient for those who have to work out the student’s final schedule for the coming school year. Instead of having hundreds of papers piled up, all of the information is saved online in a computer where it cannot get lost. This is also a bonus for students, so they don’t have to worry about where their scheduling papers are in case they lose it. Another positive thing about online scheduling is that students are able to log on at any time and see what they had picked for scheduling.

A few things that could help with the online process are having the page interface more simple and easy to use. It would be nice to have all of the classes separated into categories instead of one long, list with every single class that the entire school offers. It would save a lot of time having the classes separated into categories instead of having to scroll up and down an endless sea of classes trying to find the right one to select.

Overall online scheduling is an awesome tool that the school uses to save time and more efficient for students and teachers. However, a few changes to the way the online process work would make it even quicker and easier for students to use.