Tyler Kniha – Athlete Biography

    Tyler Kniha is a senior and a member of the boys varsity basketball team. 

    Kniha has played basketball for 14 years and through all the years his favorite part of the game has been his constant love for it. 

    “My favorite part is just my love for the game,” said Kniha. 

    Kniha, a returning letterman and starter, takes on the position of forward and wears the number 10. 

    “I feel as though I work better as a guard rather than a forward,” Kniha said.

    Kniha believes that as a whole the team needs to work on their attitude and lean to take accountability for their actions. 

    “During the off season I prepare by doing drills and scrimmaging against teammates at the park,” said Kniha. “I also enjoy watching professional games and learning new skills.”

    Kniha’s personal rival is ex-teammate Malik Ramsey who plays for California High School. 

    “I know their strengths and weaknesses, so it should be an interesting game,” said Kniha.

    Kniha plans on working on his dunking and hopefully making it to playoffs.