Past or Future?

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016
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The most common question people would get ask is if they would rather fast forward into the future or go back and fix their past. This honestly would be a cool thing to do. Choosing either one of these does have their pros and cons. For an example, if we were able to go back into the past and fix things, it can ruin what the future could be or it can even make the present worst. I mean who wouldn’t want to go into the future and see what things would be like? Who wouldn’t want to know if they are going to marry the person there in love with or even see a career path down the line? The possibilities are endless.

If I had the chance to choose between past and future, I would pick my past. I would rather go back in time and change everything I’ve done wrong, and there is a lot. I would love to fix broken friendships/relationships. There are a lot of broken pieces in my past I wish I could fix. There are just a lot of things I wish I could have done differently. I think the one major thing I would want to fix is my friendships. I did a lot of people wrong that didn’t deserve. That’s the funny thing about life, nothing is grantee.

I can say though that through all the pain, my past made me who I am today. I’ve came such a long way to becoming the person I am.  I am a lot wiser and more independent to rely on myself than others. I wouldn’t want to take the chance to look into the future and see something that I wouldn’t expect. I would rather just wait and be surprised with I have coming my way. Not that any of this could happen; it’s just something I think about sometimes.